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  • Conceptual

    Competitive Exams around the world test the candidate's ability to analyze, solve and to come out with the correct solutions. Our mentors start from something as basic as HCF/LCM, Numbers etc for Math and Grammar and Rules of Grammar for Verbal sections.


  • Test

    Most competitive exams require the student to sit through long hours. Only if exams are practiced under exam conditions, would on the exam day, the student would be at ease & be mentally prepared. We make it a point that the students are giving their mock exams under simulated conditions.


  • Shortcut, Tricks
    & Methods

    Management of time ensures that the student can complete the examination on time and this can be achieved by short-cut methods like approximation, back solving etc. Once the concepts are clear, we encourage students to implement short-cut methods so they can enjoy their exams.

    Shortcut, Tricks
    & Methods

  • Quality &

    We are known for quality and commitment towards our students. Such has been our experience with the students that many parents have recommended us to other students as well.

    Quality &

Study Abroad Mentors was established to provide a one-stop solution to students who aspire to study abroad. Here, we are committed to provide the students with the necessary skills and tools they need to attain mastery of basics of the subjects of their interests. We help our students to become articulate and competitive in the extremely cumbersome situations, thereby, exposing the students to the beautiful and varied culture, art, history, technology, fashion and other features of different countries along with the academic proficiency.

Though India is a culturally, technologically and technically diversified with the ocean of opportunities, studying abroad option provides a vast exposure to many countries which are specialized in their own aspects like Music in Vienna, Technology in Japan, Art & History in Italy, Fashion in Paris, Law , Medical and Business in London, etc.


Pratap Iyer helped me achieve my dream of studying in the US by helping me crack the GRE. I never would have imagined myself scoring anything above a 320, but with his help and guidance that is exactly what happened and I am extremely grateful for it.

Mohit Mhapuskar

I studied GRE English under Pratap Sir for two months & he helped with the understanding the basic foundation of Reading Comprehensions which made attempting it became faster with his tricks and abundant practice sessions.

Manan Jani

I fear Math and all things numbers, I dreaded this particular subject since I was a little girl. I've always pushed math away or tried to ignore it as much as possible. One fine day life caught up to me and I had to give GMAT, a girl who fears numbers had to give an exam where half of it was based on Math.

Harshi Thankur

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